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5 Male Enhancement nce to be fired, the trumpets to sound, and the band to strike up a lively tune. This delighted the King so much that he requested the band to come into a boat, which was towed by his barge for a whole hour together. Drake, to strengthen the friendship thus commenced, sent a variety of.presents to the King, 5 Male Enhancement who had in the meantime dispatched 5 Male Enhancement a messenger to bring his brother, named Moro. The latter soon appeared, accompanied by a 5 Male Enhancement number of followers, all handsomely dressed, in barges as magnificent as those of the King. His Majesty now expressed his wish to return on shore, saying that he would come back the next day, and before night he sent on board rice, sugar canes, 5 Male Enhancement and sugar in various forms, fowls, plantains, cocoa nuts, and sago, now first known to the English. They might also have obtained any amount of cloves, but Drake did not wish further to load his ship. The Admiral was expecting the arrival of the King, when Prince Moro came with 5 Male Enhancement apologies, saying that if Drake would go ashore he himself would remain as a hostage. To this, however, all the officers were greatly averse, suspecting tr.eachery, and he therefore determined to send several of them with Princ

e Moro, retaining the Viceroy of Motir as a hostage. On landing they were courteously received by a large number of persons of rank in handsome dresses, and were conducted to the 5 Male Enhancement palace. This was a four sided building, libido max vs extenze the centre canopied by a cloth of many colours, such as tents are made of. 5 Male Enhancement best penis enlargement pills in india All the way round it were cushioned seats. 5 Male Enhancement It was the usual council house, 5 Male Enhancement and not used for any other purpose. On one side was the chair of state, placed on a handsome carpet, having over it a very beautiful and rich canopy. As the King did not make his appearance for an hour, the officers had time 5 Male Enhancement to examine things at their leisure. Before he appeared, about threescore noble, grave, and ancient personages entered and took their seats round the building, w. hile at the farther end were a large natural male performance enhancement pills number shooting a big load of richly dressed young men. Outside stood four fine looking white headed persons clothed 5 Male Enhancement in red robes reaching to the over the counter sex pill ground, having turbans on their heads similar to the Turks. They were, it was understood, strangers, but long resident in the country. Two of them were Turks, one an Italian, and the last a Spaniard, who had been rescued from the Portuguese. At length the King appeare

5 Male Enhancement

d, 5 Male Enhancement followed by 5 Male Enhancement ten grave senators, walking under a rich canopy embossed with gold, and 5 Male Enhancement guarded by twelve men armed with lances, the points turned downwards. The officers, accompanied by Prince Moro, rose to meet him. He received them graciously. He was dressed like his countrymen, but far more sumptuously. His garments from the waist downward were of cloth of gold of the richest description.his legs were bare, but on his feet he wore red slippers his head dress was a sort of turban twisted through wide gold rings, and somewhat resembled a crown. Round his neck he wore a massive gold 5 Male Enhancement chain on his left hand four magnificent rings, adorned by a diamond, an emerald, a ruby, and a turquoise and on his right an unusually large turquoise in one ring, and in another 5 Male Enhancement ring many diamonds of a 5 Male Enhancement smaller size artistically arranged. While he sat in his chair of state, on his right side stood a page holding a large fan, richly embroidered and set with sapphires, with which he constantly fanned his master. The heat was excessive, both on account of the sun s rays and the number of persons assembled. The officers, having delivered their message, 5 Male Enhancement received permission to take their departu

re. Before retiring 5 Male Enhancement to the boats. they had time to examine the castle, which was very ill fortified. It had 5 Male Enhancement only two guns, which 5 Male Enhancement had number male enhancement pill been captured from the Portuguese, and they were hornet extreme rub male enhancement not mounted. The present King had lately succeeded his father, who had been killed by the Portuguese. 5 Male Enhancement Having driven them out of the best natural male enhancement pills in gnc stores country, he greatly increased his strength, and was contemplating an attack on Tidore, from which he hoped to expel them. While the Golden Hind remained off Ternate, 5 Male Enhancement a stranger came on board, very well dressed, and of courteous manners. black dragon male enhancement reviews He described himself as a Chinese, related to the Emperor of China. He said that being accused of a crime of which he was innocent, he thought it prudent to x rock com male enhancement quit his country and travel, after having obtained permission from the King, that should he bring back anything curious, he should obtain his pardon Having described the unbounded wealth 5 Male Enhancement o