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Best Sex Pills sent them flying in all Best Sex Pills directions then bursting away, he took to flight, the other soon afterwards following his example. One of the Spaniards pursuing was shot by an arrow. The rest fired at the fugitives, but could not hit them, for instead of running along in a straight line, they kept leaping from side to side at a rate equal to that of a horse at full gallop. From the name of Patagons or Patagonians, which the natives have ever since borne, their country was called Patagonia, and that of Best Sex Pills Saint Julien was given to the port in which the squadron had sought refuge. The Admiral now took solem.n possession of the country around for the crown of Spain, erecting on the shore a Best Sex Pills cross, the sign of sovereignty. He was sorely troubled, however, by discovering that a mutiny had been projected by many of the crew, headed by two of the principal officers, Don Luis Mendoza and Don Juan de Carthagena, with others of inferior rank. Should he put to sea, he had reason to Best Sex Pills believe that they would run off with some of the ships. He therefore waited in port, hoping to reduce them to obedience. Fortunately, the greater number of officers and men remained Best Sex Pills faithful.

The Best Sex Pills Admiral, concealing the knowledge he had obtained of their treachery, was able at length to seize the ringleaders. This done, having summoned Best Sex Pills a council of his principal officers, the mutineers were tried and condemned, Mendoza to death, and asox9 male enhancement formula in stores where to buy Carthagena, with. others less guilty, to be left in the country among the savages. No time was lost in carrying this stern decree into execution. A stout gallows was erected on the shore, on which, notwithstanding his rank, Don Luis was hung, while Don Juan de Carthagena, how do i ejaculate more a priest, and others, were landed and driven among the natives, to endure whatever fate was in store for them. Having re established are natural male enhancement pills safe his authority, the Admiral sent the Saint Iago on can some with high blood pressure take male enhancement pills an exploring cruise, when she discovered a river, to safest male enhancement supplement which the name of Santa Cruz was given, it being the anniversary, Best Sex Pills in the Romish calendar, of the finding of the holy cross. The vessel having advanced about three leagues farther, a storm coming on, she was wrecked but her crew escaped Best Sex Pills to Best Sex Pills the shore, and after enduring great hardships they got back to the Best Sex Pills harbour of Saint Julien, wh. ere they rejoined their companions, and were distributed among the other ship

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s. The bad weather and the Best Sex Pills quelling of the mutiny kept Best Sex Pills the squadron at Best Sex Pills the port of Saint Julien for five months. At Best Sex Pills the end of this time the Admiral set sail, and the unfortunate Patagonians who had been entrapped were carried off, the equally unfortunate Spaniards being left on shore. Sailing southward, the explorers at length reached the latitude of 51 degrees 40 minutes, where, finding a convenient port, and plenty of fuel, water, and fish, they remained two months longer. Magalhaens carefully examined every inlet and bay as he proceeded, hoping to Best Sex Pills find a passage through the continent into the South Sea, of the existence of which passage he was fully persuaded. He was not aware how close he had been to it in the last harbour where he taken refuge. On reaching latitude 52 degrees, an opening appearing in the rocky mountainous looking coast, the squadron sailed into it, having on one side a cape, to which the Admiral gave the name of Cabo de los Best Sex Pills Virgines, because it was discovered on the feast of Saint Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins. At first many supposed that it was Best Sex Pills merely a deep bay or gulf, but as the ships proceeded on, the hopes

of the Admiral that he had at length discovered the long sought for channel increased. The Best Sex Pills wind being fair, onwards they sailed, though when work for male enhancement pills night came down upon them they were compelled to anchor. Best Sex Pills male sexual enhancement gum At this juncture the pilot Estevan Gomez proposed, Best Sex Pills as it penis increase pills was doubtful whether they could get through, and as their Best Sex Pills provisions were running short and their ships were unseaworthy, that they should return to Spa. in. The weight loss male plus enhancement Admiral listened to all that was said in silence, Best Sex Pills and then declared that rather than fail in best supplement for ed fulfilling his promise to the King of Spain, he would endure far greater hardships than Best Sex Pills they had Best Sex Pills yet suffered, and would eat the skins on the ship s yards and rigging and he forbade any one, on pain of death, to speak of turning back on account of Best Sex Pills want of provisions, or their lon