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Does Bathmate Work no messenger came off. Davane was therefore directed to go on shore, with a request to the ruler of the country Does Bathmate Work that he would allow the Portuguese to him. Just as he was about to set off a large boat came to Does Bathmate Work the ship, bringing an officer of the King, called a Does Bathmate Work Nair. His only garment was a white cloth, covering his body from the middle to half way down his legs. He carried a light round shield and a short sword Does Bathmate Work with an iron hilt. Addressing the Captain Major, who was pointed out to him, he stated that he came to ascertain who the new comers were, and what they required in the port. Vasco da Gama replied that he was the servant of Does Bathmate Work the greatest Christian king in the world, who had sent Does Bathmate Work a fleet of fifty ships out to these seas to obtain cargoes of pepper and drugs, in exchange for the rich merchandise of gold and silver which they had brought, and that the Portuguese were anxious to Does Bathmate Work establish a lasting peace with the King and people of the country at which they arrived. He then stated that

Does Bathmate Work he himself male enhancement puil was the ambassador who had Does Bathmate Work been empowered to arrange the terms of the treaty his sovereign desired to make with the Zamorin of Calecut. To impress the natives with an idea of the power of the King of Portugal, and to prevent them from venturing on any hostile proceedings, for fear of Does Bathmate Work Does Bathmate Work the consequences, he added utah male enhancement clinic that he had been separated from the rest of his fleet for a couple of years, during which he had had visited Melinda, with whose penis pump buy King he had formed a lasting treaty of peace and friendship. He now requested the Zamorin to conclude one of the same character between their two nations and, this being done, he would ask permission to land Does Bathmate Work and carry on a trade with his people. Soon after the Nair had gone back to the shore, Does Bathmate Work a boat laden with fowls, Does Bathmate Work figs fresh male enhancement pills 2016 and dry , a. nd cocoa nuts, came off. They were accepted out of courtesy, but the Captain Major sent word that he could neither buy nor sell anything until the natural male enhancement fpr treaty was concluded. He stated, moreover, that he could not go on shore

Does Bathmate Work

until the King had sent hostages for his safety. Now, Does Bathmate Work as Does Bathmate Work was afterwards ascertained, a large number of wealthy Moors resided in Calecut, who had got the entire trade of the country into their hands. They were Mohammedans, and by means of their wealth had won over a large number Does Bathmate Work of the common people to Does Bathmate Work their faith. They, on hearing of the arrival of the Portuguese, at once became jealous lest the new comers should take the trade from them, and therefore resolved by every artful means to defeat their object, by representing to the King that they were spies, come to gain information about the land possess themselves of it. Does Bathmate Work For this purpose the Moors had won over the chief ministers of the King to favour their designs, though the liberality exhibited by the Portuguese had at the first gained his good will. Before going on shore himself, the Captain Major sent Davane, accompanied by Joab da Nunez, one of the convicts, a Christian and a man of talent, who could speak Arabic and Hebrew, and also und

erstood the Moorish ron jeremey language, although he could not speak it, that he might go to the city and ascertain the way of transacting business he was Does Bathmate Work ordered to amazon male enhancement zytenz buy only provisions, while he listened to what was said without Does Bathmate Work speaking himself. On reaching the shore the boost sperm volume two were so mobbed that they had penis extension review great difficulty in making their way, until an officer appeared, who took them under his charge, and compelled the peopl. e to move aside so that they could pass through Does Bathmate Work the streets. Does Bathmate Work The officer invited them to his Does Bathmate Work house, and on their way they encountered a man clothed as a Moor, but who addressed them in Castilian, and requested them to come to his house, which they obtained permission from the officer to do. The seeming Moor gave them a brief outline of his Does Bathmate Work history. He Does Bathmate Work was, he said, a native of Seville, but that when a boy he was made a best way to increase ejaculate volume prisoner, and after having served many masters, had obtained his freedom. Although he had all the time, he averred, pretended to be a Moor, he was still at heart a Christian.