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Extenz Results stures, Extenz Results they got up and walked to two seats provided for them. Havi.ng uttered more prayers and bowed reverently to each other, they sat down under the same canopy, while the drums and trumpets from the ship played a Extenz Results march, to their great entertainment. After this preparations were commenced for a solemn banquet. The liquor to be consumed at it was concocted in the following strange and disagreeable manner. A number of young Indians quickly collected in the presence of Extenz Results the two Kings, bringing with them a large quantity of kava, a sort of herb. Each Extenz Results person then filled his mouth Extenz Results with it, and having chewed it for some time, spat it into a large wooden trough, on which water was poured. After stirring this for some time, they squeezed out the liquor, which was presented in cups to the two Kings. They also offered some to the Dutch, who turned away with a disgust which must have astoni.shed their hosts. The substantial part of the entertainment consisted of roasted roots and hogs, the latter nicely dressed in the following manner. The entrails being taken out, the hair was singed off, when a pit having been dug and lined with leaves, the bottom was covered with

heated stones, on which the hog was male enhancement drugs do they work placed, the inside being also filled with hot stones. It was then covered with other stones, and on the top with a what s the best male enhancement on the market thick layer of leaves. The whole was then covered up, so as to prevent the escape of heat. By this means the quality penis pumps animal was penis extender tool perfectly dressed. The natives presented the Dutchmen with two hogs dressed in this manner, with the Extenz Results same forms and ceremonies they used to their Extenz Results Kings, placing them on their heads, and Extenz Results then humbly kneeling, left them at their feet. They also presented their guests with el. even live hogs, for which they were given in return some knives, old nails, and glass beads. These natives were of reload male enhancement pills a dark yellow Extenz Results colour, tall, strongly built, and so well proportioned that the tallest Dutchman was of the size of the smallest of them. Some wore Extenz Results their hair curled, others frizzled or tied up in knots, while several had it standing bolt upright on their heads like hogs bristles, a quarter of Extenz Results an ell long. The women were short, ill shaped, and exceedingly ugly. The Dutchmen bidding the friendly natives farewell, the Unity sailed on the ist of June, and stood on until she came off a low island, with three or four

Extenz Results

small islands near it, covered by trees. Here a canoe similar to those formerly described came off from the shore. The people were black and armed with bows and arrows, being the first weapons o.f that description the Dutchmen had seen among the Indians of the South Sea. These people made the voyagers understand by signs that there was more land to the westward, where another King dwelt, who Extenz Results would provide them with good refreshment. Passing numerous islands, some of which were rugged and full of cliffs, they at length made some high land, which they supposed to be a headland on the coast of New Guinea. They stood towards it, but could find no bottom to anchor. Here two or three canoes came off full of black naked people, who spoke a language Extenz Results differing Extenz Results entirely from that before heard. On seeing the boat sounding they attacked her with their slings, but, frightened by a few shots, quickly took to flight. During the Extenz Results night fires were seen burning along the coast, probably as alarm signals. Soon after it was d.ark more canoes came off, and kept lurking about the ship Extenz Results but though the Dutch tried to make them understand that they wished to be friendly and were an

xious to purchase provisions, the savages only replied by alpha plus male enhancement reviews the most Extenz Results horrible noises and outcries. The Unity anchored that night off a bay in forty five fathoms. In the morning a fleet of canoes came off, full of Extenz Results savages armed with clubs, Extenz Results wooden swords, and slings. The Dutch tried to propitiate them by offering them trinkets and toys, Extenz Results but this had not the slightest effect on the savages, who began hurling their missiles and approaching so near one of seman enhancer the Dutchmen being wounded, black panther male enhancement 28213 the first who had been hurt during the voyage Extenz Results that it became necessary fierce big male enhancement to do male enhancement rings work fire at them. Not, however, until several of them had Extenz Results been killed did they take to Extenz Results flight, when they Extenz Results leapt overboard. and dived and swam for their lives. On this the Dutch, pursuing them in their boat, with what was certainly wanton cruelty, knocked several on the head, a