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Increase Ejaculate Volume e directly westward but that, after sailing seven hundred leagues, they should lay by.from midnight to daylight, as about that distance he confidently expected to find land. As he foresaw the farther they sailed the more their vague terrors Increase Ejaculate Volume would increase, to deceive them, he kept two logs one correct, retained for his own government, and the other open to general inspection, from which a certain number of leagues were daily subtracted from the sailing of the ships. The crews, though no faint hearted fellows, Increase Ejaculate Volume had not as yet learned to place confidence in him. The slightest thing alarmed them. When about one hundred and fifty leagues west of Ferro, they picked up Increase Ejaculate Volume part of the mast of a large vessel, and the crews fancied that she must have been wrecked drifting ominously to the entrance of those unknown seas. About nightfall, on the 13th of September, Increase Ejaculate Volume he for the first time noticed the variation of t.he needle, which, instead of pointing to the north star, varied about half a point. He remarked that this variation of the needle increased Increase Ejaculate Volume as he advanced. H

e quieted the alarm of his pilots, when they observed this, by male enhancement doctors at defiance ohio assuring them that the variation was not caused by any fallacy in the compass, but by the movement of the north star fake male enhancement pills itself, which, like the other heavenly bodies, described a circle round the pole. The explanation appeared so highly plausible and ingenious that it was readily received. Increase Ejaculate Volume On the 14th of September they believed that they Increase Ejaculate Volume were near land, from seeing a heron and a tropical bird, neither of which were supposed to venture far out to sea. The following night the mariners were awestruck by beholding a meteor of great brilliancy a common phenomenon in those latitudes. Increase Ejaculate Volume With a favourable breez. e, day after sex enhancement oil day, the squadron Increase Ejaculate Volume Increase Ejaculate Volume citrulline male enhancement was wafted on, so that it was unnecessary to shift a single sail. They now began to observe patches of weeds drifting Increase Ejaculate Volume from the west, which increased in size as they advanced. These, together with a white tropical bird which never sleeps on the hydromax results water, made Columbus hope that he was approaching some island for, as he had come but three hundred and sixty Increase Ejaculate Volume leagues since le

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aving the Canary Increase Ejaculate Volume Islands, he supposed Increase Ejaculate Volume the Increase Ejaculate Volume mainland still Increase Ejaculate Volume to Increase Ejaculate Volume be far off. The breeze was soft and steady, the water smooth. The crews were in high spirits, and every seaman was on the look out, for a pension of ten thousand maravedis had been promised to him who should first discover land. Alonzo Pinzon in the Pinta took the lead. On the afternoon of the 13th of September he hailed the Admiral, saying that from the flight.of numerous birds and the appearance of the northern horizon, he thought there was land in that direction but Columbus replied that it was merely a deception of the clouds, and would not alter his course. The following day there were drizzling showers, and two boobies flew on board the Santa Maria , birds which seldom wander more than twenty leagues from land. Sounding, however, no bottom was found. Unwilling to waste the present fair breeze, he resolved, whatever others thought, to keep one bold course until the coast of India was reached. Notwithstanding, even the Increase Ejaculate Volume favourable breeze began to frighten the seamen, who imagined that the win

d in those regions might always blow from the east, and if so, would prevent their return to Spain. Not long after the wind shifted to the south west, and Increase Ejaculate Volume restored their courage. proving to them that the wind did Increase Ejaculate Volume not always prevail from the east. Several small birds also visited the ships, singing as they perched on the rigging, thus showing that they were not exhausted by their Increase Ejaculate Volume flight. Again the Increase Ejaculate Volume squadron passed among numerous patches of seaweed, and the crews, ever ready to take alarm, having heard triple x male enhancement Increase Ejaculate Volume that dmp male enhancement ships were sometimes frozen in by ice, fancied that they might be fixed in the same manner, until they were caught by the Increase Ejaculate Volume nipping hand of winter. Then they took it into their heads that the male pills water was growing shoaler, and expressed their fears that they might run on some sand banks and Increase Ejaculate Volume men s sexual health products vigour pills be lost. Then a whale was seen, which creature Columbus assured them never went far from land. Notwithstanding, Increase Ejaculate Volume they became uneasy at the calmness of the weather, declaring that as the prevailing winds were f. rom the east, and had not power to disturb the torpid stillness