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Max Load Pills use of the osculatorium called also i.nstrumentum or tabella pacis, pax, etc. a Max Load Pills plate with a figure of Christ on the cross stamped upon Max Load Pills it, kissed first by the priest, then by the clerics and congregation. Usually now the Max Load Pills pax is not given at all in low masses, and in high mass an embrace is substituted for the old kiss, and given only to those in the sanctuary Addis and Arnold s Catholic Dictionary , p. 497. 23 Perez p. 63 gives but little information regarding this friar. He seems to have been in the islands as early as 1591, and Max Load Pills from 1594 to 1603, engaged in various official duties. In Max Load Pills the last named year he went to Spain and Rome, afterward going to Mexico, where he acted as procurator in 1608. 24 In this paragraph, as in one in the preceding letter of Benavides, Max Load Pills the official transcription of the text has teatinos , where Jesuits occurs in the transla.tion but the mention of Chirinos shows that the latter reading is correct. See note 20, ante , on p. 109. 25 Spanish hermita sometimes meaning hermitage a reference to what is now a suburb of Manila, situated on the shore of the bay, and called Hermita or Ermita. In its parish church is venerated, with gr

eat devotion, the image of its tutelar saint, Max Load Pills Our Lady of Guidance to which Max Load Pills holy image were especially commended, in former days, the ships from Nueva good penis pills Espana Buzeta Max Load Pills and Bravo s Diccionario , ii, p. 77. 26 This was the eldest daughter of Felipe III Anna Maria, generally known as Anne of Austria. Born in 1601, she was married at the age of fourteen to Louis XIII of France and after his death was regent during the minority of black pantra male enhancement her son, Louis XIV. She died on January 20, 1666. natural vitamins for male enhancement 27 Diego de Guevara, belonging to a noble fam. ily in Spain, entered in early youth the Augustinian order, at Max Load Pills Salamanca. In 1593 he came to the Philippines with a company of twenty four missionaries, and held various official positions in Max Load Pills his order. In 1602 he founded a convent in Bungo, in Japan. Sent does zinc increase penis size to Spain in 1603, with news of the Chinese insurrection, he did not reach the court until three years later he remained there until 1610, when he returned to the fast working male enhancement Philippines as visitor for his order. From 1616 until his death in 1621, he was bishop of Max Load Pills Nueva Caceres. 28 Spanish, reformados literally reformed, but referring to those who belong to Max Load Pills religious houses of strict discipline. 29 A roya

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l decree dated at Barcelona, June 13, 1599, orders the governor and Audiencia of the Filipinas to take suitable measures for restricting the number of Chinese allowed to live in.Manila, or in other parts of the islands. The copy of this decree Max Load Pills preserved in the Sevilla archives contains also an extract from a letter to Acuna dated November 29, 1603 in which he is thus directed by the king You have been informed by other despatches of the difficulties which had been pointed out to the said Don Francisco Tello and other persons arising from the number of Sangleys who have Max Load Pills remained in the Parian of that city and its outskirts, so that you might be watchful for the security of the country. The said Don Francisco writes at present, that Max Load Pills having examined into the matter, and conferred upon it, he finds as at that time appeared best that the most expedient way was to continue the measure that has been taken since he entered upon that governorship namely, that Max Load Pills the ships which bring the said Chinese be.sent back to China each year full of people. In this way Max Load Pills they can be removed and the country cleared of them, with more gentleness and kind treatment, as has already

been done with many of them. He thinks that if the captains of the ships are Max Load Pills not allowed extenz enhancement to carry more than a hundred Sangleys, including sailors and merchants, the desired object will be attained that is, that there should not be in the country more Max Load Pills than three thousand Sangleys, including craftsmen, gardeners, and workers in all trades. What seems best to us, and I accordingly so charge you, is to make use of this means, Max Load Pills or of others which may appear to you expedient, so that the country may be secure, and have only Max Load Pills the Sangleys necessary for its service. 30 This Silonga was one how to make my dick bigger for free of the most male endurance pills noted of 72hp male enhancement pills for sale the Moro chiefs he was afterward converted by a Jesuit. missionary. See account of Max Load Pills the raid made by Buhisan Buycan , libido male enhancement pills and of Acuna Max Load Pills s efforts to suppress piracy, in Montero y Max Load Pills Vidal s Hist. Pirateria , i, pp. 148 152. 31 Pedro Chirino was born in 1557 in Osuna of Andalucia. He graduated in both civil and canon law at Sevilla, Max Load Pills and entered the Society o