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Natural Male Enhancement Pills hen religion, idolatries, and superstitions of the Filipinos. Chapter XXI. Although upon entering into the dark abyss of such blind idolatry I find a disorderly confusion of the vilest and most abominable things 77 worthy of its inventor, although in examining the walls within.this infernal cave, I discover an Natural Male Enhancement Pills infinitude of loathsome creatures, Natural Male Enhancement Pills foul, obscene, truly damnable, it is my task, aided by the light of truth, to reduce them to order so that Natural Male Enhancement Pills we who upon opening our eyes find ourselves within the light of truth may offer praise to Almighty God, and have compassion for those who, blinded by their ignorance, love and prize these things of darkness, and cannot open their eyes to any light beyond. Natural Male Enhancement Pills I shall speak first concerning the false belief that they hold concerning the divinity of their idols second, of their priests and priestesses third, and last, of their sacrifices and superstitions. Their art of writing was of no service to them in any one of these three things, Natural Male Enhancement Pills or in matters of government and civilization of which I shall perhaps later tell the little that I know for they neve.r used their writi

ng except to exchange letters, as we have said. Natural Male Enhancement Pills All their government what is male enhancement and religion is founded on tradition, and on custom introduced by the Devil Natural Male Enhancement Pills himself, who spoke Natural Male Enhancement Pills to them through their idols and the ministers of these. They preserve it in songs, which they know by heart and learn when children, by hearing these real rhono male enhancement sung when they are sailing or tilling their fields, when they are rejoicing and holding feasts, and especially, when they are mourning their dead. In these barbarous songs they relate the fabulous genealogies and vain deeds of their gods among whom they set Natural Male Enhancement Pills up one as the chief and superior of them all. This deity the Tagalos call Bathala Mei capal Natural Male Enhancement Pills , which means God the creator or maker the Bissayans x again platinum 1350 3 days male performance enhancement pill call him Laon , which denotes antiquity. These songs relate the creation of the world, the ori. gin of the human race, the deluge, paradise, punishment, and other invisible things, relating a plantains help with male enhancement thousand absurdities, and varying much the form, some Natural Male Enhancement Pills telling it in one way, others in another. To show better what lies and fables these all do pills make your penis bigger are, there is one story that the first man and the first woman came from the k

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not of a cane which burst off from its plant. After that, certain disputes resulted concerning the marriage of these two, on account of the Natural Male Enhancement Pills difficulties arising from the first degree of blood relationship, which among them Natural Male Enhancement Pills is inviolable, and thought to be allowed only that first time from the necessity Natural Male Enhancement Pills of propagating mankind. 78 In short they recognized invisible spirits, and another life also demons, the enemies of men, Natural Male Enhancement Pills of whom they were in abject fear from the evils and dread which these caused them. Accor.dingly one of Ours converted many of them by means of a well painted picture of hell. Their idolatry is, in a word as with many other nations , an adoration and deification of their ancestors especially of those who distinguished themselves through valiant deeds, or cruelties, or obscene and lewd acts. It was a general practice for anyone who could successfully do so to attribute divinity to his old father when the latter died. The old men themselves died with this illusion and Natural Male Enhancement Pills deception, imputing to their illness and death and to all their actions a seriousness and import, Natural Male Enhancement Pills in their estimation, divine. Cons

equently they chose as a sepulchre some celebrated spot, like one which I saw on the shore of extenze male enhancement original formula the sea between Dulac and Abuyo, in the island of Leite. This man directed that he should be placed Natural Male Enhancement Pills there in his coffin w. hich was done , in a solitary house remote from any village, in order to be Natural Male Enhancement Pills recognized as the god of sailors, Natural Male Enhancement Pills who would offer worship and commend themselves to him. There was another, who had caused himself to be buried in a certain place among the male enhancement samples free mountains of Antipolo and out of reverence to him no one dared to cultivate them, fearing that he who should go thither might meet his death. This lasted until Father Almerique relieved them of their fear, and now those lands Natural Male Enhancement Pills are cultivated without harm or dread. In memory of these departed ones, they keep Natural Male Enhancement Pills their little idols some of stone, wood, bone, ivory, or a cayman a90 pill male enhancement s teeth others of gold. They call these Larauan , which signifies, idol, image, or statue and in their necessities they entice male enhancement have recourse to these, offering to alpha red male enhancement them barbarous sacrifices. They Natural Male Enhancement Pills also worshiped, lik. e the Egyptians, animals and birds and, like the Assyrians, the sun and moon the