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Penis Enlargment Pills d the interest. For two months and a half this, the most monotonous of all travelling, was continued. The labour was most severe and inces.sant, the distance made only a mile or two a day. Scurvy began its ravages, and the northern expedition had been nearly Penis Enlargment Pills overcome, when Lieutenant Parr returned to the ship for assistance. Summer had arrived by this time. Immediate help was dispatched, but it was no easy task to find the men. Four of the Penis Enlargment Pills party were alive, one had died. The sick man had been dragged on the sledge thirty nine days, and Penis Enlargment Pills they had buried him after all in a solitary spot in the far north a paddle and a batten made a rude cross, and the sketch shows it most effectively Penis Enlargment Pills in Doctor Moss s book. Five Penis Enlargment Pills only of the seventeen of the party came back in working condition, and they were nearly exhausted. The question now arose whether the Alert should remain, advance, or retreat. It was impossible to advance more than a few miles the crew was and retirement was the most sensible act. So the vessel rejoined the Penis Enlargment Pills Discovery , some of whose men had not ret

urned, and great natural supplement for male enhancement anxiety was manifested concerning them. At length the party appeared, after an absence of one hundred and thirty days. From Discovery Bay they struggled south in company, racing against winter. On the 9th penis pump buy online of September Cape Isabella Smith s Sound came in sight. Here letters were found Penis Enlargment Pills which had been left by the Pandora. These were a cause of great joy, and when Disco was reached, and some coal procured, the explorers Penis Enlargment Pills felt almost at home. On the 2nd of October the ships sailed for England. The Alert anchored at Valentia on the prolargentsize male enhancement herbal 27th of October, and the Discovery in Bantry Bay on the 29th. Penis Enlargment Pills A great deal had been accomplished by this expedition. The Alert had explored the west coast for two. hundred and Penis Enlargment Pills twenty hong wei male enhancement pills miles, the Discovery had surveyed the Greenland coast, and Captain Stephenson placed a Penis Enlargment Pills tablet over the grave of the brave Captain Hall of the Polaris , with a suitable inscription. The Alert men had attained the highest latitude ever reached, viz, 82 degrees 27 minutes North. The idea of the enlarge penile length Penis Enlargment Pills open Polar Sea then received its quietus, for nothing but

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ice is there. The Queen commanded the Admiralty to thank Captain Nares and the officers and men under his command, and Captain Nares was knighted. Some little dissatisfaction was expressed, but the effects of the work so ably done quickly extinguished any hostile feeling. In concluding these Notable Polar Voyages we regret we cannot find space to relate the adventures of the plucky Pandora Penis Enlargment Pills afterwards the Jeannette , the Penis Enlargment Pills Eira expedition, and others of.less importance which have been undertaken since 1875. The Alert has lately been presented to the United States Government for their Arctic expedition, of which we shall soon hear something. There are many chapters yet to be written concerning maritime discovery, but those we have selected appear Penis Enlargment Pills to us to embody the greatest Penis Enlargment Pills interest for our readers, for public curiosity and assistance has been lately so often directed to the Arctic which are slowly yielding their secrets to the enterprise of modern scientific and naval explorers. End of the Penis Enlargment Pills Project Gutenberg EBook of Notable Voyagers, by W.H.G. Kingston and Henry Frit

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