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Sex Pills For Men d and desired that they would undertake the management of the republic, and unite with him in the administration Sex Pills For Men of it. But if through fear they declined it, he would not be a burden to them, but take the management of it on himself. That deputies ought to be sent to Pompey, to propose a reconciliation as he did not regard what Pompey had lately asserted in Sex Pills For Men the senate, that authority was acknowledged to be vested in those persons to whom ambassadors were sent, and fear i.mplied in those that sent them. Sex Pills For Men That these were Sex Pills For Men the sentiments of low, weak minds that for his part, as he had made it his study to surpass others in glory, so he was desirous Sex Pills For Men of excelling them in justice and equity. XXXIII. The senate approved of sending deputies, but none could be found fit to execute the commission for every person, from his own private fears, declined the office. For Pompey, on leaving the city, had declared in the open senate, that he Sex Pills For Men would hold in the same degree of estimation, those who stayed in Rome and those in Caesar Sex Pills For Men s camp. Thus three days were wasted in disputes and excuses. Besides, Lucius Met

ellus, one of the tribunes, was suborned by Caesar s enemie. s, to prevent this, and to embarrass everything else which Caesar should propose. Caesar having discovered his intention, after do penile extenders work spending Sex Pills For Men several days to no purpose, left the city, in order that peins pills he might not Sex Pills For Men lose Sex Pills For Men any more time, and went to Transalpine Gaul, without effecting what he had intended. XXXIV. On his arrival there, he was informed that, Vibullius Rufus, whom he had Sex Pills For Men taken a few days before at Corfinium, and set at liberty, was sent by Pompey into Spain and that Domitius also was gone to seize Massilia with seven row galleys, which were fitted up by some private persons at Igilium and Cosa, and which he had manned with his own slaves, freedmen, and colonists and that some yo. ung noblemen shark tank male enhancement episode of Massilia had been sent before him whom Pompey, Sex Pills For Men when leaving Rome had exhorted, that the Sex Pills For Men late services of red male enhancement new viagra Caesar should not erase from their minds the memory of his former favours. On receiving this message, the Massilians had shut their gates against Caesar, and viarex male enhancement Sex Pills For Men invited over to them the Albici, who had formerly been in alliance with the

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m, and who inhabited the mountains that overhung Massilia they had likewise conveyed the corn from the surrounding country, Sex Pills For Men and from all the forts into the city had opened armouries in the city and were repairing the walls, the fleet, and Sex Pills For Men the gates. XXXV. Caesar sent for fifteen of the principal persons Sex Pills For Men of Massilia to attend him. To p.revent the war commencing among them, he remonstrates in the following language that they ought to follow the precedent set by all Italy, rather than submit to the will of any one man. He made use of such arguments as he thought would tend to bring them to reason. The deputies reported his speech to their countrymen, and by the authority of the state bring him back this answer That they understood that the Roman people was divided into Sex Pills For Men two factions that they had neither judgment nor abilities to decide which had the juster cause but that the heads of these factions were Cneius Pompey and Caius Caesar, the two patrons of the state the former of whom had granted Sex Pills For Men to their state the la.nds of the Volcae Arecomici, and Helvii the latter had assigned Sex Pills For Men them Sex Pills For Men a part o

f his conquests in Gaul, what is the best vitamin for brain memory and had Sex Pills For Men augmented Sex Pills For Men their revenue. Wherefore, having received equal favours from both, they ought to show equal affection to both, Sex Pills For Men and assist neither against the other, nor admit either into their city or harbours. XXXVI. Whilst this male enhancement numbing cream treaty was going forward, Domitius arrived at Massilia with his fleet, and was received into the city, and made governor strong male enhancement of it. The chief management of the war was entrusted to him. At his command they best and worst male enhancement supplements on the market send the fleet to all parts they seize all the merchantmen they could meet with, and carry them into the harbour they apply Sex Pills For Men the nails, timber, and rigging. , with which they Sex Pills For Men were furnished to rig and refit their other vessels. They lay up in the Sex Pills For Men public stores, all the corn that was found in the ships, and reserve the rest of their lading and convoy for the siege of the town, should such an event take place. Provoked at such ill treatment, Caesar led three legions against Massilia, and resolved to provide turrets, Sex Pills For Men and vinae to assault the town, and to build twelve ships at Arelas, male width enhancement which being completed and rigged in thirty days from the time