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Volume Pills coming Volume Pills of the ships this year for this is demanded by the prevalent excesses and our actual experience of the difficulties that result therefrom. Endorsed Copies of parts of letters from the Conde de Monterey, 10 written to his Majesty, May 15, 1602. Points in the Petition from the Filipinas Islands in Regard to Their Commerce First point That the commanders, captains, and officers of the vessels plying on the line, be inhabitants of the said islands, Volume Pills and not of Nueva Espana, so that the losses, frauds, and injuries that they cause in loading their goods, and Volume Pills in the transportation by the ships of enormous sums of pesos in Volume Pills consignment and trust, may cease. This would s.ave for his Majesty s treasury the salaries paid the officers of the vessels, and would benefit the islands. The citizens of the islands would receive such posts, when it should pertain to them, as a reward for their services, as the governors have been ordered to grant them to meritorious men. The bishops of Paraguay and Nueva Segovia declare in information given on this matter, at the order of the Council, that for Volume Pills its remedy and the aid of the islands, it would be very advisable to establish a consulate

in Manila and that the royal ships, together with the vessels of the merchants, should go top test boosters 2019 on its account. His Majesty should be given the hulls of the ships, and the masters and officials appointed in the said islands, to whom money from Mexico should not be committed, nor should herbs for male libido enhancement it what is the best ed pill be given them in trust. The expen. se caused to his Majesty by them would thus be saved. Second point That the governors be ordered not to sell tonnage in the ships Volume Pills plying in the line to all natural male enhancement products Nueva Volume Pills Espana, no matter what expenses are incurred. The Volume Pills bishops assert that it is not advisable Volume Pills to sell any space, but that, in case of great necessity, it be done by the consulate Volume Pills it would be better, however, not to sell it, for if it Volume Pills is sold, Volume Pills best penis extenders then there will be no Volume Pills freight money for navigating the vessels. Third point That the viceroy of Nueva Espana be ordered not to give permission for any Piruvian merchants to go to the islands from Piru, under pretext that they are going to become citizens of the islands because of the injuries that the islands receive therefrom because of those merchants carrying, as they do, large sums of money belonging to themselves and others. , and to companies and because they o

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nly Volume Pills come to invest the same and return. On Volume Pills this account the prices of merchandise have risen more than fifty per cent. After investing their money, the commanders and masters, because of a money consideration, take these merchants back to Nueva Espana, without it being possible to institute any reform. The bishops say that it is advisable that they should not go to the islands unless for the purpose of becoming actual Volume Pills citizens, for there the difficulties referred to in this point exist. Fourth point That the Volume Pills fund for the pay of the troops be placed in the treasury on a separate account, and that the said troops be paid therefrom, and from no other account, in order to avoid the disadvantages that result, and the many offenses and injuries committed by the soldiers under stress of t.heir necessities and the opportunities that arise. This would provide a source for what money might be necessary, not only for the equipment of ships, and provision Volume Pills of ammunition and other military supplies, but for the pay of the soldiers, Volume Pills which is now spent in other things. The bishops declare this to be inconvenient, and that the half real which is given for Volume Pills the prebendaries should also be

vasoplexx male enhancement placed Volume Pills in the treasury penile enlargement procedures on a separate account. Fifth point That the cabildo, magistracy, and regimiento Volume Pills of Manila be ordered to allot annually the lading of the vessels to the citizens of Manila, for much harm has resulted to the citizens from the governor allotting it the lading being made illegally, and the governor having allotted it to Volume Pills many of his servants and relatives to the prejudice of the citizens and those born in this c. ountry. By this method the allotment would be Volume Pills honestly made without wrong to any one. The bishops say that hydromax pump results if his Majesty orders the Volume Pills consulate to be established in gnc male enhancement pills Manila, in such case herbal male breast enhancement it would Volume Pills be advisable for the consuls to make the allotment and the gove